Sunday, January 11, 2009

Triple Trouble

Jay, Meg and Sam ... Triple Trouble in a Chinese Restaurant!

This evening we took the kids out for chinese and to the grocery store!  The never slowed down a bit and skidded around every corner in the store.  They're loving this new found freedom of not being in a shopping cart or stroller of any kind and there is more of them than me!

Did I tell all of you that I have 4 year old triplets and I'm a Grandma?  Some days they're up for grabs for the day!
(Dana ... you up to it?)


  1. Are your boys ID? They sure look a lot alike in this photo, and nothing like their sister. Do you have people ever ask if they are all three ID? I hope they didn't make you too crazy out to eat!

  2. I'm tired just reading about it! They sure look happy!

  3. Wow, what a cute trio and an adorable photo!! I'm mom to a just turned 7 year old and I'm certainly old enough to be a grandma!

  4. They sure look like they are happy and having fun! Wow, triplets ... and a grandmother to boot!